XRP Toolkit Utility Token

To encourage user engagement in XRP Toolkit and other applications by Towo Labs, we will be using the utility token Kudos (XTK) for gamification, rewards, discounts and other features to come.


XTK is freely transferable and tradable on the XRP Ledger, you can send it to other users or trade it against other assets. The issuing account has been permanently locked, it can never issue more tokens or freeze any XTK holder.

Token name: Kudos (XTK)
Issuing account: rXTKdHWuppSjkbiKoEv53bfxHAn1MxmTb
Total supply: 100,000,000 XTK

How to get XTK

You can receive XTK tokens by participating in our reward program, bounty campaigns or test new features in XRP Toolkit. You can also acquire XTK from other traders on the XRP Ledger's decentralized exchange, available through for example Xumm and XRP Toolkit. Please note that we will never publish giveaways in social media, send you emails or ask you to send us any crypto assets.

Active Rewards

Last updated: 2020-06-30

An automated reward bot is distributing small amounts of XTK for certain activities in XRP Toolkit and on the XRP Ledger, see all active rewards below. We expect to add more rewards from Q3, 2020:

5 XTK: Add a trust line for XTK

All XRP Ledger accounts created before 2020-06-30 with an active trust line for XTK are eligible for rewards. Learn how to set trust lines.


10%: Bounties for tutorials and translations (to be announced)
20%: Gamification, achievement rewards and discounts
70%: Development fund, partnerships and strategic reserve

Legal Disclaimer

The information provided on this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of this website's content as such. The purpose of XTK is to allow the utilization of software services and not for speculative purposes. Acquiring XTK does not grant any right or influence over XRP Toolkit or Towo Labs.