About XRP Toolkit

XRP Toolkit is a client-side interface helping you interact with the XRP Ledger and its on-ledger decentralized exchange. It was created by Towo Labs to make it easier to securely manage crypto assets. You can use the XRP Toolkit to send, receive and trade crypto assets on the XRP Ledger.

Is XRP Toolkit a cryptocurrency exchange?

No. You control your own wallet and assets. We're a browser to the XRP Ledger and its built-in decentralized exchange. XRP Toolkit doesn't hold anyones assets, have any order books or trading system.

Is XRP Toolkit a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange?

No. You're interacting directly with the XRP Ledger and trading from your own wallet, peer-to-peer. All your actions are settled directly on the XRP Ledger, independently maintained by a decentralized network of thousands of nodes.

How much does it cost to use XRP Toolkit?

XRP Toolkit is commission free. The XRP Ledger charges a small fee per transaction to prevent spam, usually less than 0.000012 XRP. Issuers on the XRP Ledger may charge a small transfer fee for transactions involving their issued assets.

What assets are available?

You can access XRP and any asset on the XRP Ledger that your account has been authorized to hold by the respective issuer.